Calendar Of Events Around My V8 Capri
Calendar Of Events For My V8 Capri
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27th DEC 03 to 4th JAN 04:
The car was driven for the last time over to Procoats workshop for the the start of the MINOR restoration,
The interior was stripped out along with roll cage etc,
The front wings were removed, and that's when the horror hit us and we realised the MINOR restoration had just turned MAJOR,

Started work on removing the rotten 'A' pillar's repairing the wing mounting area, and repair the floor, replaced the battery tray with new plates (both sides).
We spent a week repairing and welding up the front of the car and fitted the front wings, a total of 72hrs of welding was done on the front alone,

10th JAN to 11th JAN 04:
Moved on to welding up the main floor and doing the battery to boot conversion and doing the windscreen scuttle,
The floor and battery in boot only took the 2 days to finish, BUT the scuttle was a 2 weekend affair.

31st Jan to 1st FEB 04:
Wheel arch was cut out and prepped for fitting of new arch panel,
The panel was fitted
(time spent 2days)

7th FEB to 8th FEB 04:
wheel arch filled and sanded with first 2 applications, rear valance repaired, and 'A' pilars had some minor filling work to reshape,
bulkhead in engine bay welded (split) and battery tray area had minor filling work.

14th FEB to 15th FEB 04:
More shaping of wheel arch, 'A' pillars and rear valance with fine filler
Passengers strut top plate repaired.

21st FEB to 22nd FEB 04:
The engine bay was degreased and flatted back ready for primer, and any other minor filling or welding repairs were done.

28th March 04:
Car and panels all DA'd back ready for filler primer.
(Thanks to Stevie aka Ali G for the help on rubbing the car back)

13th March 04:
The car made good progress today,
The shell was finished off being prepped and was wiped down with panel wipe and masked up and primered.

20th March 04:
The car was wet flatted and blocked today in preperation for the final painting.

26th March 04:
The car was delivered to the bodyshop ready for painting,

5th April 04: (click for direct link)
The shell is now all painted (except bonnet, front spoiler and the rear hatch)and back home awaiting the final refit,

9th April 04: (click for direct link)
The refit is now well underway, most of the rewire is now done, servo fitted so is the rear section of roll cage, battery tray is fixed in the boot and battery mounted and partialy wired in. bumpers fitted rear lights and the head lights are also fitted....

24th April 04: (Click for direct link)
Refited the engine today with a few teething probs, we sheared off a bolt in the inlet manifold,(the ones that hold the trumpet base on)
Otherwise all went well,

28th April 04:
The manifolds are now rebuilt, painted with heat paint and wrapped in cooltec exhaust wrapping,
Fuel tank has also had a make over,

04th June 04:

Well its been over a month since the shell was painted and is now fully fitted up, except for the f@@king panels which have not been painted,
This is a disaster as the car is awaiting MOT and is fully booked for this years shows, but can't go because my Bonnet, Tailgate, Front Spoiler and wing mirrors have not been touched,
If any one knows of a body shop that can turn these parts around ASAP for me please contact me, im in Berkshire,
13th June 04:
Well we got the car back together with 1 day spare before heading to the first show and longest run with the car to the Classic Ford Show at Santa Pod raceway,

4th July 04:
Second outing with the car to the Retro Car show, again at santa Pod,
Gave the car its first run of the year down the strip, we had a few teething probs (what you expect only been back on the road a few weeks), the nitrous was shutting off etc which turned out to be a wrongly adjusted throttle switch, still ran a healthy 14.25 though,

04th October 04:
The car picked up its first sponsor today, Allan supplied a full Mallory Ignition System,

13th November 04:
Fitted the Unilite Dizzy, Promaster Coil, Balast ressistor, Mallory 8mm Ignition Leads, today and car fired into life like never before,

15th Jan 05:
May i wish you all a Happy New Year
And say thank you to the viewers who have mailed me asking when is this section being up dated,
Started fitting the Mallory 685 cd ignition unit today, have a had a few teething probs but contacted Allan at Ross-co and he is on the case with Mallory in the USA,

17th January 05:
Well still no further forward with this problem BUT will keep you all posted!!!

21st January 05:
Thanks to Redg we finally got the car running on the Hyfire ignition system,
turned out to be a poor feed to the unit while cranking and the Tach adaptor needed repositioning, and the ecu inline resistor needed to be removed,

22nd January 05:
Rewired the Hyfire today and tested all was fine, the Hyfire is now sat in its new home,
Next was a road test with the nitrous, and yes was defo grin factor, the car tried to come round when the gas was activated, the car is running the best it ever has now,
23rd April 05:
Have discovered a hotstart problem with the hyfire 685 today, mallory may have a fix for this problem,
watch this space ...............

20th May 05
The new eazi trigger for the mallory ignition arrived to day, hope this cures the hotstart probs we are having,

24th May 05:
Fitted the new eazzi trigger and yep starts every time now hot or cold, nice one mallory,
Fitted a complete set of EBC red stuff pads today thanks to Interpart, in Didcot,

14th September 05:
Sorry this area has been quiet, but been very busy with the car, shows, and family,
The cars new twin plenum efi arrived today thanks toAllan at

15th October 05:
Fitted the new rear springs and poly bushes today ready for sundays racing,
16th October 05:
Today we decided to give the car its final run of the year,
All started promising, ran a strong 13.999, which is an all time personal best at the track, (drag racing),
we waited for an hour or more before going for a second run, we adjusted the nitrous settings a fraction, and stormed a very strong and positive 13.729 @ 102.04mph an even bigger all time best.
One problem we did have was on the second run, the launch caused the poly anti roll bar bushes to pop out of there seats :-).
videos available here:

19th November 05:
Had photo shoot today with a new ford magazine, (retroford),
great photoshoot until the end when the car caught fire and did a fair bit of damage,

Will post links to photo's etc once i have them,
Update: photo's are here......

1st December 05:
Started work today going through what damage was done in the fire,
Main flow and return fuel lines, fuel pressure regulator (adjustable), fuel pressure gauge, wiring loom and oil line,
we traced the fire down to a burst oil line,

15th January 06:
Most of the car repairs are now sorted, just a few odds and sods to do now,
31st January 06:
spent the weekend building a hybrid efi system, and was well pleased with the out come,
Efi Upgrade:

21st February 06:
spent past few weekends playing around with the efi system prior to fitting on the car, think i now have what i was hoping for, pics of the new set up fitted to the car here:

18th March-19th March 06:
well today is crunch day;
spent today going over final inspection prior to start up, had to drill the passengers side down pipe and weld the 02 boss in for the WBO2 sensor, made up throttle linkages, fitted the plenum and checked all electrical and fluid pipes,
well Jago came over and we went for start up, plugged the laptop in and first flick she fired,
BUT only on 6 cylinders, spent another 4 hrs trying to rectifi the problem and had to give up as a loss

Efi running video part1 on 6 cylinders

23rd March 06:
Went round the garage after work armed with the laptop and a new revised ecu map,
after about 10 mins we had an engine running on all eight cylinders,
more mapping is now required and setting up of the other components,
Efi running video part2 on 8 cylinders

01st - 02nd April 06:
Mate Jago came over again this weekend, and we had a days playing with the laptop and started making the table maps for the fueling and running, car idles like a dream (sometimes) seems that either we have not quite got the stepper motor settings correct OR the stepper motor is knackered,
video of the latest engine run:
Idle after mapping:

11th June 06:
Ran a PB of 13.435 @ 102mph at the classic ford show today,
Car ran sweet until the engine mount broke,
02nd July 06:
Did five runs today, but only managed a best of 13.508 @ 103.96 mph

11th September 06:
Bad news today, my engine sponsor has had to retire from sponsoring me,

12th November 06:
Richard from Vems sent a pair of BFG Drag radials and a new VEMS EGT/AF gauge and sensors,

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