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The new efi set up for the car,
The attempt was to upgrade a later style single plenum hotwire manifold with the trumpets and plenum chamber from a limited edition flapper twin plenum efi system,
The end result fingers crossed should be a twin plenum hotwire manifold with a fully mappable ecu,
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The hybrid manifold and trumpets fitted to the 3.9 block
The twin pleum top fitted and intake pipes fitted for a guide for silicone inlet pipes
Bare manifold with no hoses.
The vacuum hoses started to be plumbed in for the ecu.
Vems ECU and silicone hose for map sensor
The new Capri/vems ecu wiring loom,
Thanks to sponsor Richard Barrington for the loom and Vems Ecu
The VEMS display on my laptop, New Silicone intake hoses made by Roose Motorsport for me,
these will need triming for a perfect fit,
Hoses installed, and very smart looking too,
thanks to Roose Motorsport for the hoses.
Down pipe passengers side drilled and O2 boss welded in place, complete with O2 sensor now fitted
A couple of engine shots showing the near finished efi instalation

All thats left to do now is fit the new silicone hose for the filter, and start mapping,
the links below show one of the car running sick on 6 cylinders and one with the car now running 8 cylinders,

The finished article Second view of the engine bay
From This .............. To this......note the heat shield around filter and the new power steering res fitted, no strut brace as of yet need to make a new one to fit the twin plenum. :-)

The car running sick on 6 cylinders after wrong map was set up on the laptop:
6 cylinder v8 video run:

The car now running on all eight cylinders with correct map installed,
Car running on all cylinders video run:

Car idling now real sweet after a mapping session: (taken on 02/04/06)
Idle Run:

Latest Video (taken on 14/04/06),


Video of the car on road test and leaving Halford car park (taken 19/05/06)
Road test
Halfords Car Park

We have a few things left to do with the car now,
but after a good weekend on the laptop round the garage we should be ready for a run by the 2nd week of April 06,
What's next i hear you say,????
Well, i have 150 bhp of nitrous here to possibly run in 2007,
Im after apair of stg3 cylinder heads,
and a crower solid race camshaft
Searching for a bigger RV8 engine after my sponsor pulled out.
possibly after this lot we may add a bit of forced induction :-)

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