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 The Engine Refit
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The start of the refit took place on Saturday 24th April 04
Me moving the engine on a sack truck ready for refit Engine and gearbox bolted together and conected up to engine crane ready to be lifted into place.
Car sat on axle stands and engine sat in it's rightful place, Me bolting up the engine mounts
The start of the fitting up of the efi system, (had a miss hap when fitting the trumpet base as a bolt sheared off in the manifold base) The main engine bay area now looking sweet again
The engine sat in place with dizzy, leads etc all fitted, Side shot with car sat back down and suspension now settled
Thursday 29th April 04:
The Manifolds rebuilt with new down pipes coated in heat resistant paint,
then wrapped in cooltec exhaust wrap.
Even the fuel tank got a quick refurb,
was wire brushed back to remove flaky paint treated, then painted on the bottom with smoothrite and painted on the top with wax underseal,
Shot of drivers exhaust manifold covered with cooltec wrap. Engine nearly completed.
The engine all finished and complete
The finished car, :-)

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