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On these pages i will list the parts supplied by the sponsors etc to give them some deserved publicity.
Click the text link or banner to go to there own page of this site:
Car Sponsors:

( February 06 - December 2010)

(March 2005 - Present day)

( Oct 2004 - Oct 2006)

Gtech perf (March 2005 - March 2006)

Mk1 Micks Capri Parts (November 2005 - 2007)

Local tyre center and supplier of my car tyres, (Road not Race ones)
(August 2005 - August 2013)

Caprisport: (March 06 - Present day)
Neil has helped out with the Capri and his old V8 track engine (3.9 now) in more ways than one.
At present doing a custom brake package, a one of strut brace and doing the bonnet rams.

V8 Performance Parts: (October 2015 - Present day)
More will be added as they sponsor the car,

If you would like to assist me with sponsorship then please contact me......

Other People that have helped with the car:
(Non Sponsorship)

Thanks to Drew for suppling the
Magnecor Racing Leads

Thanks to Aston Martin at Procoat for the Powder Coating this year, and for taking on the Body Shell Rebuild over the winter of 2003/04. (again)
(The rebuild nearly 3yrs ago)
A BIG thankyou to John at JC Autobody for the bonnet repairs after i dented it,
If you think your company can help with the car
then please contact me to discuss how we can help each other,
Sponsorship Help:
Any Company or persons who assist with the car or parts etc will have a mention on this page and have a web link to thier web site.

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