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On these pages i will list the parts supplied by the sponsors, This is to help give them some publicity
. As part of supporting my Car.

Sponsor: Richard Barrington,
Web site: Vems

Parts Supplied:

A fully mappable VEMS Efi ECU unit (Versatile Engine Management Systems ),
with the facility to upgrade to ignition control at a later date,
BFG Drag Radials VEMS EGT/AF gauge and sensors
VEMS is a website for research, design, and implementation for open source engine solutions that targets the following: Performance
Low cost and affordability
Fun, diy engine performance
versatile, for further experience and customization
Anyone can contribute
DIY engine performance became very popular at around 2000-2001 with entry-level injection-only (batch) systems, that VEMS took to a different level with the added functionality of sequential injection ignition, direct ignition, WideBand O2, Detonation Detection and Exhaust Gas Temperature sensing and included space for hardware expansion and customizable functions.
Start of the Vems ECU build The Board starting to take shape
The board finished What the finished ECU looks like now
A big thank you to Richard for all the hard work he is putting into the EFI side of the car,
Latest News: Board being upgraded to v3,
Latest efi news here:
Vems EGT/AF gauge and hard ware
Vems EGT/AF gauge and hardware
more info here:
BFG Drag Radials :-)

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