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On these pages i will list the parts supplied by the sponsors etc to give them some publicity

Sponsor: Chris at Interpart, Didcot, Oxfordshire,
Web site: Interpart
Pictures are property of capriracing, please do not use without permission,

Parts Supplied:
EBC red stuff ceramic brake pads, Spark Plugs and filters
For Highly Tuned Cars/Faster Street Driving:
Since this material was introduced in late 2003, it has received many positive write ups from performance drivers of faster cars such as the Impreza. You can read some of these write ups and comparisons to other performance materials
This is a truly impressive fast road pad for repeated heavy braking. It emits far less dust than semi-metallic pads and has been proven to stop a saloon car 13 metres quicker than OEM pads from 100mph/160kph.

Features EBC Brake-InTM surface coating which conditions rotor surface and accelerates pad bed-in.

Clifford Intelligaurd 950 CAT1 alarm + intellistart unit

If you want the best, bar-none, then the Clifford IntelliGuard 950 is the system for you!

This technological tour-de-force combines the world-beating features of Clifford's G5 system engineering, plus it so far exceeds the 'Thatcham' UK insurance Category-1 specification that it literally has no equal when it comes to securing your car.

The Intelliguard 950 incorporates three sensors as standard; Clifford’s unique Dual-Zone Proximity Sensor with warn-away zone to detect & deter lurking car thieves, the extremely clever Tilt & Motion Sensor to detect jacking-up and/or tow-away theft attempts, not to mention the Glass Tamper Sensor to ensure that the IG 950 has pretty much all things covered for you!

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