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Who Am I: ???

Well i am a total fruit cake, I work for a local firm that builds vehicles for the transportation of wheelchair bound people.
I have appeard on Discovery Channels 'Thunder Races' i was one of the looneys behind the V8 nissan micra,
May possibly be appearing in a future program of scrapheap challenge

I am happily married with Ferne, and we have two lovely kids Zoe 2 and Joshua 6.

I'm into course fishing, and big time into Carp fishing. (links to my fishing pages soon)
I enjoy time down the drag strip, racing my Capri.
and do the odd bit of mountain bike riding.
Also in my spare time i like building engines,
when doing none of the above im at home working on the car, the computer or playing around with the family

Me And My Car Involvement with V8 Engines:
How it all started:
I started getting involved with Capri's after rolling my dads Sd1 rover V8. (engine involvement).
We bought a ford pop (1954 model) which had the Sd1 engine fitted into, i was then made redundant from a mechanics job so the car had to go (minus engine).
Dad found me a mk2 Capri cheap to get me mobile in, this soon got traded in against a lovely 3.0 mk3 Capri, which died 6 months after buying it (melted piston). So the engine bay was crying for a v8 to be fitted, which we had sat in the shed from the rolled Sd1.
A quick phone call to Neil at Caprisport and an exchange of cash for parts and the V8 was on its way into the Capri engine bay.
I owned the 3.0/3.5v8 Capri for about 5 years before the dreaded tin worm took over, this was time for a new shell.
A quick call to Neil again at Caprisport and he found me a mint 1.6 laser shell in Bristol,
which after much work came on the road one day before our wedding. (with the v8 in of course)
The 3.5 and Holley carb soon gave way to a 3.5 efi spec engine, which was a good reliable engine until one day on the way back from Uxbridge show it decided enough was enough,
Another call to Neil and to the latest engine i have now his 3.9 v8 ex track car engine,
 this engine has been highly changed over the years of me owning it,
(can be viewed here) This will be making way soon for a BIGGER v8 unit,

The car has started to get a few backers/sponsors which is helping with it's progress.
more as it happens.


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