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Latest: OOOOps Someting went wrong with the new engine:

After a few probs during 2008
, One of my sponsors ( asssisted me in December 2008 with the purchase of a brand new Rover 4.6 V8 crate engine,

Please follow the pictures below on this new engine build below,

The build will take longer than normal as its being fitted in around customers work at caprisport.

Please click on a picture of your choice to enlarge it...
All pictures BELONG to capriracing, please DO NOT use any of my material and Pictures

It's seen the light again ! (Jan 09)
first time the car has seen daylight since the rolling road missfire in August 08
The old stg3 3.9 rover v8 being removed,
Jan 09
New crower 50233 cam (same as used in the old 3.9 v8)
Try Rhoads lifters this time on this engine build,
Cam machined to take a cam retain thrust plate, High comp pistons fitted to new engine (est around 11:1 static comp ratio)
setting no1 piston TDC with dial gauge ready for dialling the cam in Setting cam degree wheel up with piston at tdc.

Dial gauge set up on No1 intake lobe on cam,ready for setting the cam timing,

 Composite head gaskets fitted, please note ARP head stud kit,
V8 Development stg3 heads now fitted along with replacement springs and spring shim kit Rocker gear installed, adjustable chrome molly pushrods and lifters installed, (all coated with assembly lube)
starting to get there. Rare interim serpentine front end, (good ole ebay) had to buy this as parts from a few sellers and then build it up.
Twin plenum and 99% of the efi system now fitted, throttle pivot had to be moved to gain full travel on the capri pedal,
Ford Motorsport green injectors fitted to the fuel rail, (440cc's/min) Trigger wheel fitted to bottom pulley for the crank sensor and coil packs, (no dizzy)
New machined dizzy bung Dizzy bung fitted inplace of redundant dizzy
Braided hose and aeroquip style fittings from fuel pump end made up ready for install.
Starting to work out coilpack firing order. close up of the coilpack lead layout,
manifolds back from blasting and coated with 5 coats VHT paint trial fit around new 1.4kw starter.
Dummy block fitted for making new mounts etc. Start of the new style engine mounts (chassis side)
block side of the mounts, Finished mount,
tunnel removed to allow the R380 5 speed box to sit higher.

New tunnel being fitted around the gearbox and remote.

New engine waiting to be fitted Trial fit on mounts etc.
Center console going back in as per factory (just a bit higher) Looking more menacing now, :-)
Start of the ecu rewire along with new ignition wiring for crank sensor Ecu rewire all finished,
Testing ecu with the laptop New coilovers being fitted
New coil over front suspension along with my old 315mm Brembo brake setup Ally spherical bearing topmounts
Start of the exhaust build with 'X' pipe Finished system.
Start of the waterpipe construction The finished car, and it such fun to drive,
When It All Went Wrong: March 2009

The car had been running faultless for the first 600miles, but after this we noticed the car started to chuff a bit of oil mist on over run every so often,
This started to get worse the more miles we clocked on the engine, after 900 miles on the new engine you could not see behind the car for blue smoke and the rear of the car was covered in oil mist,
After a tough desission Caprisport said the engine had to come out to investigate further,
at first we were told breather fault, etc etc,
which proved wrong, i thought i had built it wrong, but no was not that, the following pictures will tell the story,

Yup the piston and rod have parted company
These fell apart by turning over, some one cocked up when they did the piston work for us,
Gudgeon pin one ruined the bore
2nd bore also ruined by the moving pins

After numurous phone calls, V8Developments and Ray came to our help,
the block was shipped off to them where they top hat linered the whole block to be safe, and replaced the damaged rods etc, and then fully balanced the whole rotating assembly,
after getting a £1600 bill the engine is now running sweet again and has covered 1500 trouble free miles since rebuild,
the car has made it to the track at last, but ripped herself apart, keep an eye out on the site regarding the rear end upgrade thats coming due to the car ripping its self apart at the track

V8Developments top hat linered block
V8Developments top hat linered block
V8Developments top hat linered block
V8Developments top hat linered block

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