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Welcome To The Brakes And Suspension Page,

Brake upgrades used on the car so far:
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Brake Conversion Phase 1


Front Set Up, (phase 1):

My set up consists of Bilstien
front struts (2.8i), with 165lb
front springs less 2" (from Caprisport),
AP- 4pot Caliper's with
BMW 10-1/4" vented
and grooved front Discs,
2.8i anti roll bar,
and Supa flex bushes,
And Caprisport / home
made strut brace.
Rear Set Up, (phase 1):

Spax 14 way adjustable shocks,
3.0 heavy duty multi leaf springs,
Peugeot 405 non vented discs,
Sierra rear calipers,
Skorpion axle location kit 4 bar,
Poly bushes.
2.8i rear anti roll bar
Brake Conversion Phase 2
Front Set Up, (phase 2):

As set up 1,BUT with the BIGGER 283mm Cossie 2wd Vented front discs, instead of BMW ones.
(these are now cross drilled)
Rear Set Up, (phase 2):

As Set up 1, BUT with BIGGER
Cossie 2wd rear discs 273mm, instead of
Peugeot ones, these too are cross drilled
And a pair bilstien shoxs
Brake Conversion Phase 3 (30/08/2007)

Front Set Up (phase 3):

Brembo light weight alloy 4 pot progressive calipers, (Caprisport)
EBC red stuff pads (Interpart)

315mm vented cross drilled discs,(Caprisport)
Modified front hubs with longer studs and new wheel locating ring and disc locator ring fitted (Caprisport)

Rear Set up (phase 3):

Cosworth vented rear calipers (Caprisport)
EBC red stuff pads (Interpart)

273mm vented cross drilled cosworth discs (Caprisport)
Longer wheel studs and new rear caliper mounting brackets (Caprisport)

More pictures of the phase 3 brakes here:

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