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Welcome to my V8 Conversion page:
From a lazzzzzzy 1.6 Laser to a.........
Tarmac chewing, rubber burning V8 Street Sleeper
The Photo's below can be viewed in larger form by clicking on the photo of your choice.
As you can see in the photo, the Alloy Rover 3.5 V8 Engine fits a treat under the Bonnet of the Capri with very little under bonnet modifications.
The removal of the original radiator support has to be done, this is to
allow room for the new radiator to be
placed up behind the front grill.
Modification of the lower inner
engine bay valance, (pic on left)
this is for clearance of the Rover
front pulley.
The removal of the top of the gearbox tunnel to allow Rover 5 speed box to be fitted then new tunnel top to be made and fitted.
And the corner of the battery tray has to be removed to clear the front of the exhaust manifold.
Most of the above mods can be done over a weekend.
Then you can go ahead and purchase your V8 conversion kit.

Here you can see the Ford Clutch Cable, to Rover hydraulic master cylinder conversion.
The way it works is as you depress the pedal the cable pulls the arm in which
the clutch master cylinder is attached to, thus operating the hydraulic clutch
slave cylinder in gear box, A Simple but effective set up.

And not forgeting the propshaft, this
will need making like mine in the picture right,
the one in background is the template we made up to get the heavy duty road/race one made (front shiny black prop)

Propshaft Services in Feltham Middx made mine and only cost £180 from
start to finish including balancing

( click pic for bigger pic)

The Exterior of the Body shell was mainly left standard as from the
factory, The only additions are:
Replica fiberglass Turbo Tail boot spoiler and a replica RS Ford Motorsport front
As you can see the wheels are not standard from when the car was first made.
The wheels are 7jx16" Alloy Team Dynamic Monza's,
They are fitted with 205x45zr16 tyres,
Here is the new engine a 3.9 efi V8 Rover, The engine has been built by Caprisport, and was used in their V8 Capri track car until I bought the engine
with a suspect liner fault, (only turned out to be a leaking head gasket),
It has a piper 285 fast road/ rally cam, high rev anti pump up lifters, a lightened flywheel, And factory 3.9 hot wire injection system.
Along with a green cottom race induction filter and a rising rate fuel regulator.

This is what the 3.9 looks like now under the bonnet of my Capri
.( pic on right)
As you can see the finished Product, new 3.9 V8 engine, full respray and a
N20 kit
and what a real Street Sleeper it is,
A wolf in sheep's clothing as a few people have said who have been in my
Capri. Next on the list is the possibility of a twin turbo set up, as long as I can make enough room under the bonnet ! !. ,
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